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Here’s How The Next 12 Months Of Transformational Coaching & Mentorship Is Going To Help You To Become A Fitter, More Confident And Consistent Player On The Hockey Field So That You Reach A Higher Level In Your Game 

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From: Lauren Penny
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Performance Coach & Mentor
Former International Hockey Player
Hockey Performance Academy
Dear hockey player,

If you’re sick and tired of feeling like you're being overlooked, frustrated with your inconsistency and stuck in a cycle of not being as fit or as confident as you should be

...then this 12 month coaching and mentorship program is exactly what you need.

Let me tell you why.

As a field hockey player looking to play at a higher level, you have no shortage of options - you could:
  • Watch skills videos on youtube (& social media)
  • Practice your skills in your spare time
  • Download and try various fitness apps 
  • Go for 5km runs to try get fit
  • Join the gym (or do classes like bodypump, crossfit, etc)
  • Hire a personal trainer
  • Spend money on private coaching sessions
The list goes on...

Now, you may have tried - or been tempted to try - some of these magic-pill ‘solutions’ before.

Maybe you’ve tried all of them.

But here’s the thing -

None of them are going to, or ever will, help you to actually make a change.


Because all of those options give you a load of information…

...when what you really need is implementation.

Look -
As a hockey player, you’re drowning in information.

(Like those options I mentioned earlier)

But what happens after a few weeks when you lose motivation or face some kind of setback?

You’ll stop sticking to that training plan or diet 😥

You’ll stop seeing results 😥

You’ll give up 😥

You’ll return to your old habits 😥

And you’ll find yourself back at square friggin’ one 😥

And perhaps one day you'll have regrets 😥

The problem isn’t that you haven’t been given a path to follow,

The problem is that you haven’t been coached by someone who spends time helping you build the habits and the mindset shifts that’s 100% necessary to create a true transformation.
That’s What Makes This Coaching And Mentorship Program So Damn Special
I’ll give you the tools to actually make a change...

Which is why this Hockey Coaching & Mentorship Program for field hockey players is unlike anything else in the entire hockey or fitness industry.

How do I do it?

Using this framework:
  • Master Your Skills- Weekly Skills Challenges, Accountability & Personalised Feedback on Your Technique
  • Get Fit For Hockey- A Periodised Fitness Program That Actually Makes A Difference On The Hockey Field
  • Recovery Strategies- I'll Help You To Manage Your Diet & Schedule To Avoid Injuries & Burnout
  • Tactical Awareness-​ Improve Your Vision & Decision Making By Analysing Real Life Game Situations
  • Master Your Mental Game- Build a Champion Mindset With Rock Solid Confidence & Emotional Control
This is what you’ve been missing.

Without these things, you’re doomed to fail.

You see, this isn’t a cookie-cutter program just telling you WHAT to do.

This is a life transformation program for field hockey players, that gives you the tools and habits to make a profound shift in how you think and train - for the rest of your life.

Over the last few years I've realised that information doesn't change people. It's about how you implement things and this requires ongoing coaching, feedback and continuing to see different perspectives.

So I will give you the right path (i.e. what to do).

I'll help you to develop the right identify (i.e. belief in your vision).

And the right environment through a supportive HPA community of hockey players just like you.

But that’s not all.
Here’s what else to expect from the next 12 MONTHS:
Which takes the guesswork out of how to get fit for hockey. This is a proven pathway that I’ve used countless times with hundreds of hockey players from all over the world. Many players become the fittest they've ever been despite their age, level or experience, while also reducing their risk of injury.

I’ll put you on a simple workout regime that will fit around your busy life - guaranteed. 
Give me 45 minutes, 3 times per week... and I’ll coach you to the fittest you've ever been. And if you're in your in-season then I will help you to maintain your fitness til the end of the season.  It's not just about training hard, you have to be smart with the little time you have.

I’ll give you simple nutritional guidance to make sure you're getting exactly what you need based on your level of activity and to keep your energy levels high. I'll give you various tasty meal ideas so your diet is never restricted.
You’ll get your workout program pushed to your phone every single day which allows you to track and measure your results, making sure that you’re on target for your fitness goals.

(This also allows me to provide you with a much more personalised coaching approach based on the tracked data from within the app.)
In these weekly hotseats, we’ll be hopping on coaching calls to discuss the key issues that you’re facing, going DEEP into the root cause of your problems.
  • I’ll look at your tracked training data to see what needs work 
  • I’ll look at your mindset and see how you can improve your focus or confidence
  • I’ll craft a clear game plan for how you can speed up the process and hit your goals in the quickest possible time
  • I’ll give you a boost of motivation to keep you on the path towards success
By the end of the hotseat, we’ll have crafted a unique-to-you game plan with clear steps to overcome your challenges and crush your goals. 

This level of in-depth personal coaching will go far beyond anything you’ve ever experienced before. 
A new and profound operating system to run your life by
As part of this program, you’ll have daily objectives and a weekly routine to make sure that you’re sticking perfectly to the proven pathway I created specifically for hockey players, plugging your life with a new operating system that puts your health, energy, motivation, training, and well-being above all else.

This will make sure that you not only get life-changing results but actually maintain them long-term (for perhaps the first time ever...).
A community experience with other HOCKEY PLAYERS just like you
All the field hockey players in our community want to smash their goals and each member of my coaching community will be there to motivate and support you to dominate your daily schedule which will help you to be more consistent.

This is important:

You won’t be doing this coaching program alone.

You’ll be doing this coaching program alongside a community of other field hockey players just like you who you can share your struggles and successes with throughout this transformative process.

See -

Every single hockey player in this program wants to be better.

By surrounding you with other driven hockey players who are all looking to make a change, I’m offering you a shortcut to reaching your hockey goals.
ACCESS TO EXCLUSIVE TRAINING on SKILLS, fitneSs & mindset mastery
I’ve spent over 10 years as a performance coach, investing over $20,000 in my own education, skills, and knowledge...and in this mini-course (normally worth $499), I've pulled together the very best lessons and tricks I’ve learnt to help you master your skills, fitness training, nutrition and a laser-focus mindset.

By the end, you’ll know exactly what to eat (and what not to eat) and how to train to achieve your hockey goals.

Whether that be to make a bigger impact in your team, play in a higher team or league or to become a  state or even an international hockey player one day.

You’ll also be equipped with a powerful mindset that’ll keep you motivated for longer and help you attack your goals with laser-focus.
So - Here’s What You Need To Do Next...
Scroll to the bottom of this page, and you’ll see a button prompting you to invest in this unique hockey coaching and mentorship program.

(Which is an investment in getting you noticed to reach a higher level)

Act fast, and you've got a spot.

Sit on the fence, and you may miss out on this.
Need More Convincing?
Here’s What Hockey Players Just Like You Have Achieved From Our Coaching Programs…
KYME - From Shadow To Australian International Masters Team
JORDAN - From Low Confidence To GB International Junior Player
JAMIE - Started Club Season Poorly And Ended Up With MVP Award
RACHEL - From A 20 Year Break To Playing At Masters World Cup 
ELLIE - Started Hockey Late But Became a GB Senior International
MICHAELA - From Low Confidence To Playing Her First Provincial Tournament
CODY - From Not Using Skills In Games To Playing In Germany
JAMES - Went From Juniors To Playing Men's Premier League
CAMERON - From Doubting Himself To More Confidence & Enjoyment
And Here’s What HOCKEY PLAYERS Have To Say About OUR Coaching Program…
You Can’t Lose With This Failure
Money-Back Guarantee!
In all my years as a successful online coach for hockey players,

I’ve yet to see one hockey player go through my coaching and mentorship program and not get fantastic results.

So -

If you join this transformation program and you aren’t thrilled with the results within the first 30 days…
I Will Give You Your Money Back In Full
(Given that you actually do the things I tell you to do.)

That’s how confident I am in the transformative power of this coaching and mentorship program.

Remember -

You can't lose money, but you can lose the chance to get noticed and take your game to the next level.
But Be Warned -
I Only Have LIMITED AvailabILITY
Listen up:

I want to make the next 12 months of coaching as valuable and transformative as I possibly can for all the hockey players who’ve taken the life-changing step to join this program.

But the more people I coach, the harder that is to do.

That’s why I’m limiting this offer to the first motivated hockey players that take action.

Once those spaces are filled...
You Won’t Be Able To Join My  Transformative Coaching And Mentorship Program
You’ve been warned.

So -

If you’re sick of feeling like your lungs are about to explode...

If you’re frustrated with your inconsistency and underperforming which is starting to affect your confidence...

Or if you’re disappointed by missing out on selection or being overlooked...

Now is the time to take action.

Click below to invest in this unique coaching opportunity, and let me make the next 12 months as useful and transformative for you as I possibly can.

Looking forward to coaching you,

Lauren Penny
P.S. If you’re anything like me, you probably skimmed to the end of the page just to see the offer...

So, the offer is this: give me your commitment and I’ll help you to get fitter and more confident so that you can perform more consistently and get noticed, through my transformative coaching and mentorship program.

(Scroll up to see everything my program includes, as well as the long list of testimonials…)

If you act fast, you can claim your spot in the best community for hockey players wanting to transform their game. 
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